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the new website of Gea en Wim

About our website

We can't stop completely with our website, blood is thicker than water.
For more than 10 years our old website has been online, became bigger and bigger, with the result that it involves too much work.
It started as a hobby and we would like to keep it that way, that is why we are back with this completely new version of our website.

Photo reports / Reports / Movies

In contrast to our old website we have limited ourselves to holidays from the year 2001. The photos of an entire holiday are now on one page, as a photo report or from day to day including report (s).
By clicking on a photo with the mouse an enlargement of the photo is shown with the associated text. A full video of a few holidays is also available online so you get a good impression of the areas we visited.

Interactive maps

Interactive map with campsites along the German highway. For motorhome fans motorhome spots in Scotland and Ireland.
From all campsites and camper spots GPS files can be downloaded and streetview images are available (with the exception of Germany), with the note that we depend on the data supplied by Google Maps.
To keep the maps up-to-date as good as possible, we would be very grateful if you email us any bugs and / or changes.


Our holiday reports / stories are also still present. These are shown via a pop-up by clicking on the button REPORT . Then you have the opportunity to translate the text into different languages.
The destination(s) will also be shown via a popup by clicking on the button DESTINATION MAP or DESTINATIONS MAP.

Lots of viewing and reading pleasure, Gea and Wim.